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“Ask Ed” Buyer & Broker Coaching. We offer “Group Coaching” and “1 on 1” individual coaching for Business Buyers and Business Brokers. Our job is to help you succeed.

Did you know that 90% of the potential buyers that email you, call you and/or visit one of the business multiple listing websites, SCORE or the Small Business Development Centers never buy a business? And, did you know that the main reason folks do not buy a business is that they do not understand "Small Business Rules" and the "Real Value" of buying an existing successful business. You and BBU can help.

Business Buyers University offers "Real World" education about how to find, value and buy a small business. Join with us to help you at least "DOUBLE" the number of deals you do a year in "Main Street" Business Brokerage by partnering with BBU and going to the other side of the prospective buyer's computer to help you educate them about the value and the process. Would you not agree with me that, "An educated buyer is always a more likely buyer".

BBU will help them realize the advantages of buying an existing successful business or a successful franchise. And, just like the educational marketing to sell the prospect on the advantages of buying a Cadillac Automobile; they then still have to go to the local Cadillac Dealer to buy the car.

Simply send the BBU Website to all of your Business Brokers in your office and to all of your Buyer Prospects, especially those that have never come into your office, never met you, except through emails or one phone call and all of those that have never bought anything. Through education, they may very well come back to you to take the next step in getting them to their Goal Line of owning their own business. They WIN, You WIN.

"MORE BUYERS THAT BUY = MORE SELLERS THAT SELL" = More Successful Brokers, all Good!!!

ABOUT Ed Pendarvis

I am one of you, and "Thank You" for your commitment to the principals that make our industry one of the most exciting and rewarding in the world. As a business broker you are an invaluable asset to the marketplace in listing, valuing, marketing, managing, selling, negotiating, financing, doing due diligence on, and closing small business transactions.

Take advantage of my over 30 years of experience and expertise in doing deals. Add BBU to your Team and let's work together to help your Clients and Customers to succeed. All you have to do is recommend our BBU Website to your Buyers and Sellers, we'll do the rest.

My direct number is 843-819-7842 and anything that we discuss will be held in strictest of confidence. I look forward to visiting with you and working with you to get many, many more deals done. Also, I would personally appreciate any and all feedback that you might offer on my books, videos and website to make BBU a better resource for all. Please call me or email me at your convenience.



Ed Pendarvis, CBI (Fellow of IBBA)
Founder, Sunbelt Business Brokers and Business Buyers University