BBU Curriculum

ED PENDARVIS, through his BUSINESS BUYERS UNIVERSITY, is dedicated to the principal that β€œan educated buyer is a more successful buyer.” This education comes from a real world approach based upon the successful sale and purchase of thousands of actual businesses and you can benefit from this privileged information.

The BBU Curriculum:

Course 101: Based on the Best Selling Book and Video Series "Secrets of Buying The Right Business (for you) Right;” the new e-book from Ed Pendarvis is downloadable right to your computer. In addition, a complete video education series featuring Ed taking you step-by-step through the entire process of successfully buying a business. This information is invaluable. Simply fill out our brief questionnaire, watch the first 2 chapters FREE and get started.

Course 301: An advanced program for buyers that literally walks you step-by-step through the process of locating, valuing, making and offer on, negotiating, doing due diligence on, financing, and closing on the business acquisition. "An Educated Buyer is always a more Successful Buyer."

After purchasing the 101 Course and/or the 301 Course, please give Ed a call for a FREE, confidential, consultation (843-819-7842) and let Ed help you in your process.

Live Seminar: Attend Ed's complete Business Broker Training Seminar taped before a live audience. Stop using "Football Rules" in a "Baseball Game"..., spend 5 hours with the "Dean of Main Street" and learn how to Locate, Value, Negotiate, Do due diligence on, Finance and Buy or Sell a Business (and, protect yourself throughout the process).

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